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Since 2004, we were founded in providing globally focused technology to give you the tools to be seen and succeed online – right here from our home base in Canada to anywhere worldwide. We hold the solutions for your web hosting and online needs and connect you with the best technology at our fingertips. While we carry this work through our different brands, we stay truly committed to helping you succeed no matter the size or complexity of your needs.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. Henry Ford (1863-1947)


Our World is more connected than ever. We have become more reliant on needing technology for our everyday lives, whether it is for staying in touch, playing games. shopping, banking, reading the news, or simply just surfing the web or sharing your opinion, it is no longer conceivable to not have a presence online. PRETECS NETWORKS INC. ensures that you have what you need, no matter what size business or organization you are, to be seen online.


By tailoring our brands to the specific niches they are focused around, we can deliver on our promise to giving you the quality products and services we know you are looking for. We will be adding further brands under PRETECS NETWORKS INC. to give us greater reach in covering all of your needs and solutions to bringing your online visions to life.
By providing you the best quality products through each of our brands, we give you quality without breaking your budget. Our solutions are well priced and competitive within the industry and we continue to develop better solutions round the clock. By providing you the tools to get online and be seen at reasonable prices, we will give you everything you need to succeed.


To us at PRETECS NETWORKS INC., our relationship with you, our client, is paramount. Our goal is simple. We want to deliver the best products and services we can to you. When you need us, we will be there for you, to assist you with your needs, and help you with your concerns. When you choose us to provide you our products and services, we do not take that responsibility lightly and hope to have you as a client for years to come.


A web host’s IT infrastructure is one of the key determinants of the service quality that you can expect. A robust network and well-maintained data centers ensure that your website runs on a reliable and technically superior platform.


Vancouver, BC
Backbone Data Vault’s Vancouver data center is set within a 10,000 square foot custom facility, including of 3,000 square feet of server cabinet space, electrical distribution, cooling, and backup UPS and diesel generator systems. The facility is located near the Olympic Village, on the southeast side of False Creek, adjacent to the Vancouver downtown core.
The innovative design of our facility was conceived with rigorous security and structural integrity in mind. The building – and specifically the datacenter itself – is a cement bunker, including a 12” thick seismic sheer wall spanning its core. It is reinforced with multiple layers of physical protection such as multiple mantraps, proximity key‐card access requiring pass codes, and German made “Emka” combination locks for each cabinet.
In the heart of downtown Toronto, 151 Front Street West is Canada’s premier telecommunications hub and carrier hotel, housing more than 100 telecommunications companies. It is also known as the home of TORIX.
151 Front Street West is Canada’s premier communication hub for global telecommunications carriers and data center firms. It is a mission critical facility and offers tenants many special features, including unsurpassed levels of security, reliability and connectivity.
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